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Version Statistics

To keep track of what versions are in use within the NLX landscape the version of inways and outways are recorded.


Every time the inway registers itself, its version is sent using the NLX-Version header and recorded in the inways table in the directory.


Every time the outway calls ListServices on the directory it sends along its version in the NLX-Version header. Currently this is every 30 seconds, a live outway will generate up to 2880 records per day. In the directory database this is recorded anonymously in the outways table Only the version and timestamp are stored, no other identifying information is recorded


The directory-api has a /stats endpoint that lists all known versions:

  • Inways are registered and the numbers represent the real amount of inways and their versions
  • Outways are unregistered and the amount represent the versions that called ListServices over the past 24 hours.