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New releases

How we release#

The NLX team releases new versions roughly every two weeks, to deliver security updates, fix known issues and introduce new features. Our releases follow SemVer and have the structure MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. We increment:

  • MAJOR, when we make a breaking change,

  • MINOR, when we add a new functionality in a backwards compatible manner, and

  • PATCH, when we make backwards compatible bug fixes.

    Organizations are adviced to update their NLX components every two weeks to ensure compatibility with the central components and components of other organizations.


New versions are announced on the releases page. It is also possible to subscribe to new version tags through RSS.

Deprecation policy#

We try to minimize the effort for administrators to keep up with new NLX versions. Therefore we follow a deprecation policy for external interfaces of the NLX system. When we are not able to make the change in a backwards-compatible manner, we release a new version of the config structure or API and we keep supporting the old version for at least:

  • Stable: 6 months or 4 minor releases (whichever is longer)
  • Beta: 3 months or 2 minor release (whichever is longer)
  • Alpha: 0 releases

In this way administrators are able to gracefuly adopt new config structures and API's. To be informed about deprecated API's, please subscribe to our mailinglist by sending a message to