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Request a production certificate

In production environment we trust PKIoverheid certificates issued under the Staat der Nederlanden Private Root CA - G1. A certificate can be requested at one of the Trusted Service Providers (TSP's).

Double check the type of certificate you are requesting. Only certificates issued under the G1 private root will work on NLX. Certificates issued under the EV, G2 or G3 root will not work.

Connect to production#

The process of connecting to the NLX production environment consists of the following phases:

  • An organization generates a private key and certificate signing request (CSR).
  • A certificate is requested at one of the TSPs using the CSR.
  • The organization installs the certificate on their NLX inways / outways and connects to the NLX pre-production environment.
  • (optional) The organization can request a voluntary audit of their infrastructure from the NLX support team by sending an email to
  • After verifying the setup, the organization connects to the production environment using the same certificate.

Generate a private key and CSR#

A private key and certificate signing request for the (pre-)production environment can be generated with the following command:

openssl req -utf8 -nodes -sha256 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout org.key -out org.csr

Answer the questions accordingly:

  • Country Name, enter Netherlands
  • State, enter the name of the province, e.g. Utrecht
  • Locality Name, enter the name of the city, e.g. Utrecht
  • Organization Name, enter your organization name
  • Organization Unit Name, enter the name of your organization unit name (optional)
  • Common name, for an inway this should correspond to the FQDN of your inway, e.g. or For an outway this FQDN does not have to be resolvable. It is possible to use the same certificate for an outway and inway.
  • Email Address, enter your e-mail address (optional)
  • A challenge password, omit this value

The command outputs two files: org.key, the private key and org.csr, the certificate signing request.


Keep your private key securely stored and do not transfer the private key org.key unprotectedly.

Request a certificate#

To request a Staat der Nederlanden Private Root CA - G1 certificate, contact one of the Trusted Service Providers (TSPs):

Follow the approval process and submit the certificate signing request org.csr. When you retrieved the certificate, name the files accordingly:

  • root.crt, the certificate of the Staat der Nederlanden Private Root CA - G1
  • org.crt, the certificate you retrieved from the TSP, including the intermediate CA certificates
  • org.key, the private key you generated with the OpenSSL command


Inways and outways use the DIRECTORY_REGISTRATION_ADDRESS and DIRECTORY_INSPECTION_ADDRESS settings to connect to the directory. Use the following values to connect to the (pre-)production environments: