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Common errors


Figure 1

Identify NLX errors

You can identify NLX errors by looking at the HTTP status code. When the status code is 540, the error is related to NLX.

If the error has occured in the Inway, the error message will be prefixed with nlx-inway:. When the error occured in the Outway, the error message will be prefixed with nlx-outway:.

This enables you to determine if the error is coming from NLX or from the service that is being provided.

Technical details

To debug common errors while setting up your NLX service. Some basic knowlegde about the NLX components is needed. NLX has three kinds of components.

  • Directory service which the NLX team hosts at keeps track of all the available Inways and does basic health checks.
  • NLX Outways to consume services on the NLX network and
  • NLX Inways provide services on the NLX network to be accessed by Outways.

Any participating NLX organization has Outway(s) and or Inway(s).

Inways will register themselves at the directory so Outways can find them and connect to them. Outways will ask the directory for available services on startup and refreshes this list periodically.

The directory monitoring service will check if the registered Inways are accessible from the public internet and the directory does a periodic health check. If the directory monitoring service cannot reach an Inway the service will appear to be unhealthy.

Common errors

  • O1 Outway fails to connect to an Inway. No direct connection is possible from the Outway to the Inway so there are most likely firewall issues. Check M1 to figure out if the Inway or the Outway is having networking problems.
  • A1 Inway fails to connect to a service. The organization providing the service has to bring the service back online or has some internal networking problems.
  • M1 Directory monitoring cannot reach the inway to perform a healthcheck. The registered Inway service will appear as unhealthy on An Outway will still recieve the advertised address of the Inway but most likely most Outway's cannot connect to an unhealthy Inway.